Making Mondays: Dye-Free Edible Finger Paints

Looking for an easy and sustainable way to brighten up playtime this summer? We’ve got you on that. This quick and easy craft can be whipped up by you or your little artists in less than ten minutes.

With the help of our Eco Kids Finger Paint Powders today we will be making some dye-free edible finger paints in the Kid Supernova Workshop. Kids of all ages love this craft, and thanks to the fact that these finger paint powders are non-toxic, non-GMO, food safe and plant based (made with organic fruit and vegetable extracts, rice, beans, and potato.) parents do too. We recommend only making what you will use in one sitting, though any extra can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Difficulty level: Easy
Age Range: 6 Months & Up

What You’ll Need:
Eco Kids Finger Paint Powders
– 1 cup Greek Yogurt
– Mixing Bowls and Spoon
– Plate or Palette (we recommend Avanchy Bamboo Suction Plates to keep the mess contained.)

Step One:
Gather all of your supplies and put a small spoonful (we use an Avanchy silicone baby and toddler spoon to measure.) of Eco Kids Finger Paint Powders into each mixing bowl or container, mixing together the pigments to create as many colors as you would like.

Step Two:
Divide the greek yogurt into your bowls or container evenly and mix with your spoon until well incorporated, making sure to stir out any lumps.

Step Three:
Adjust each color to your preference by adding either yogurt or more finger paint powder.

Step Four:
Plate up our dye-free finger paints for your little artist and get ready to make some memories!

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