Baby feeding items: what material to choose

There are now quite a lot of parents who resort to formula feeding. However, there is now a lot of debate concerning the best type of feeding items when it concerns the material. Some are convinced that only glass has the right to exist as they are the safest, while others give preference to plastic items. In this blog, we will give you a general idea about what types there exist and what their main characteristics are for you to make an informed choice.

There are two basic materials used for making baby feeding items, including bottles: heat-resistant glass or polypropylene.

Glass feeding items have the following characteristics:

· they cannot release any substance into the food, which makes them safer;

· they cannot absorb flavors, smells, or colors of different foods;

· since they are heat-resistant, they are not susceptible to temperature changes;

· for the same reason, it is easy to sterilize them with steam or boiling;

· they can be broken, so you will have to be careful because pieces of glass can injure the child.

By contrast, polypropylene feeding bottles have other features:

· they are considerably lighter, which makes them more convenient to use when you walk or travel with the baby;

· such items are also highly resistant to temperature changes;

· it is safe to heat them in the microwave (which is particularly convenient if you are busy with other housework);

· if you have no time to sterilize them with heat, you can just use sterilizing solution, which works perfectly in cold water;

· they can absorb smells and colors (especially if the quality of the material leaves much to be desired), but do not release the substances they are made of into foods;

· it is next to impossible to break them.

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